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    At North Forest Pines Elementary,

    students SOAR.  They Show


    Operate Safely,

    Act Responsibly,

    & Respect Themselves and Others.  

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    April 13, 2017


    This is Nanette Lavery, principal at North Forest Pines. 

    I wanted to provide some additional information about our response to the green bus accident this morning. 

    Per WCPSS protocol, as soon as I received word of the accident, I immediately went to the scene. As principal my first responsibility is to ensure the safety of our students.  I wanted to be present both to make sure all students received appropriate care and provide a familiar face to our students during a difficult time.  Because of this I was unable to personally communicate with our school community until I was assured that all students were with a responsible adult. 

    When possible, we try to have a staff member accompany any injured student to the hospital.  We were unable to do so for all students in this case because students were transported to different hospitals.  In these situations, we always ensure students are with a responsible adult. 

    Again my first obligation is to ensure the safety of students.  This morning’s accident created a complicated situation that required extra attention to each student’s well-being.  I certainly understand that this was and is distressing and parents want to be informed in a timely manner. 

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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